Arcane Truth is a website where religion and science merge into a single body of knowledge about the meaning of reality. The main objective is to develop a less geocentric interpretation of Sacred Scripture compatible with the coming space age. The spatial ascension to the heavens, fulfilled by leading religious characters, reveals an overwhelming urge of humankind to leave Earth behind.

   Regarding Religion, Arcane Truth deals with the four major ones from the Fertile Crescent (Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Christianism, and Islam). These religions provide a vast array of vital information, which, with the aid of a natural exegesis of their Scriptures, would become acceptable to beings of any sort—free will endowed biological and nonbiological, either terrestrial or extraterrestrial. Concerning science, it follows the latest advances in most fields up to the point where they remain accessible to the lay reader.

    Somewhere in the middle is the European occult sciences lore, which sprang after the Dark Ages and before the Enlightenment. Besides some outstanding Catholic clerics well acquainted with the deep secrets of occult sciences and alchemy—like Gerbert of Aurillac (Pope Sylvester II) and the Dominican Albert the Great—there was a large number of savants sometimes protected under the umbrella of secret societies.

    Although Arcane Truth doesn't cover the occult sciences in general, the ancient doctrine of the four elements, namely air, earth, water, and fire, needs to be dealt with due to its overwhelming presence in Sacred Scriptures. As a consequence, some aspects of alchemy also need to be treated in some detail.
    As the reader might be aware, the subject is fraught with difficulties all along. However, the guiding principle here is to stick to the essentials to keep things as simple as possible. The posted essays in Arcane Truth avoid sterile discussion about beliefs in the transcendent God and unprovable scientific theories (which abound).
    This site offers the lay reader a scientifically minded interpretation of the most relevant archaeological findings and the Sacred Scriptures symbols. Explaining why things are the way they are, with the ultimate goal of laying new foundations for the innermost belief systems of the future based on arcane truths.

The main topics covered by Arcane Truth are brought gradually to the reader’s attention, combining text with external links and 2D or 3D stereo illustrations. Choose your preferred format, 2D or 3D stereo, by clicking the buttons on the menus, at the top or below.

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The posted essays on Arcane Truth under the headings: Number 7, Alchemy, Angel Wings, Cubic Shrines, and Physics of Free Will are a small sample of what you will find in Fundamentals of the Creation. This book is a must-read for anyone wanting to understand the origins and meanings of the mysteries and symbols of religion and esotericism.

    Some of the topics covered in this book have been considered unsuitable for the masses and reserved for the study and consideration of some privileged groups within religious circles and secret societies. However, the universality and degree of maturity reached by scientific knowledge are eroding the foundations of sectarian secrecy and revealing an underlying truth that this book aims to expose.   

    Surprisingly, the mysteries and symbols of the major religions and esoteric groups turn out to be closely correlated with objects studied in modern physics with profound implications for the belief systems of the future. It is not then about abstractions—away from realism and the urgencies of daily tasks—but about the internalization of knowledge centered on the substance we are made of. 

    Certainly, this book will help many to radically change their way of appreciating reality, which will inevitably lead to a reconsideration of their ethical values. For others, it will represent the end of religious abstractions disconnected from the material substance. It is not about materializing religious content but exposing matter’s spiritual dimension.  

    Following some introductory remarks to provide the necessary background knowledge, the book immerses the reader gradually into the greatest of all enigmas, namely, the origin of human nature—well beyond its biological expression. The primary purpose is to help the reader realize, through as many details as possible, the way in which human nature interconnects with other entities and realities and the roles of each of them.

    The departing point is a new exegesis of the sacred writings of Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Christianity, and Islam, putting emphasis on the congruencies between their contents and the basic postulates of modern physics. On the way to achieving a better understanding of the ultimate truth, the reader will be able to form his own opinions about issues rarely addressed but with great religious significance.

    Some will raise intriguing questions, of which a small sample follows: Can one speak of the exile of Israel in matter? Where would it happen? Who would participate? What physical meaning could it have?

On the Christian side, some will want to inquire about issues related to the presence of Christ in the cosmos. Is Christ really crucified in matter? Where and how exactly? Do his death and resurrection also have a physical meaning? What is the physicality of the redeemed sins?

Muslims, on the other hand, will be able to explore ways to discuss where and how the greatest of all jihads against Satan is being waged. How are we involved in that confrontation? Where does Satan reside in matter?

    Some readers may be more interested in elucidating how the components of the physical atom were formed and work from an exclusively religious point of view. Others would like to know: Where do the forces to which matter is subjected come from? What dictates them, and who embodies them? Do religious mysteries and dogmas have a scientific justification? Is it possible for a lay reader to deduce the general solution to E. Schrödinger’s wave equation from a rotating Star of David?

    Concrete answers to the above questions are expounded in the simplest terms, to reach the greatest number of readers with an average level of instruction. However, despite the effort made to simplify things, the reader will immediately recognize the complexity and depth of the issues addressed. In any case, the objective of Fundamentals of the Creation is not to innovate in religious matters or to explore new physics but to establish correspondences between the current versions of both.

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