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  1. Curious,
    Uncertain what jas drawn you to this point or this self to your presence or what led you to place Judasim 1st in line…

    1. Thanks for your question,
      The site is meant for followers of the four religions from the Fertile Crescent but is open to all believers and non-believers. Religion’s listing follows their appearance in history in strict chronological order according to all encyclopedic references. Religion one (Judaism), religion three (Christianism), and religion four (Islam) are Abrahamic and therefore of Semitic origin. Religion two or Zoroastrianism is Indo-Arian and appeared much later than Judaism but before Christianism. I hope this answers your question.

  2. Absoultley all for your approach and its good to see the scientific approach your are taking,
    However still somewhat curious as to the lack of samarian information, given these fertile fields.

    1. Many thanks for your comments. You are right, there is no mention of Samaria and Mesopotamia, probably the last one the most influential of them all. But the site and the book that inspired it are dedicated exclusively to religious movements still active at present, with a strong influence in today’s world affairs. Zoroastrianism (religion two and second) may be an exception for being represented by the Gabars and Parsis whose population tends to zero, as it should be since they represent the passive (null) element (2) water.

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