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The Central Role of Angel Wings

Angel wings are essential to the clockwork mechanism of reality. They mediate the displacement of all entities from origin to destination in every possible direction. Having read the essays on Number 7 and Cubic Shrines, the reader must be aware that one of the basic assumptions of this series is to conceive God’s Creation as a development occurring in more than 3 spatial dimensions where humans reign.

    Biblical characters resorted to figures of speech, parables, and intriguing descriptions to deal with entities spanning outside our dimensional scope, like the chariot of the glory of God known in Hebrew mystical circles as Maaseh Merkabah (Work of the Chariot) (derived from Ezekiel 1:4-28). For many centuries, most mystical circles reserved the discussion of topics like these to a few initiated members. Invariably, religious representations like the Work of the Chariot include angel wings in various numbers, depending on the hierarchy and role of the creatures involved.
arcane truths on angel wings

Ezekiel describes the chariot of the glory of God as having 4 wheels with some peculiar features. The wheels don’t rotate, resembling the behavior of polygonal developments endowed with counter-rotational attributes for a zero net turn. Slide 7 of the essay on number 7 introduces counter-rotation as 1 of 3 attributes with their corresponding anti-attributes.

    The assumption made here is that the four wheels of Ezekiel's chariot refer to the polygonal developments taking place within the planes at, xy, yz, and zx. However, zero spin conditions do not hold locally—except for the Higgs boson, which has been considered proven to exist—but they do in a global context for entangled developments.
arcane truths on angel wings

Since Ezekiel made his vision public, everyone has tried to visualize the chariot of the glory of God. Very few ventured to make concise descriptions or explain what it was all about. For most people, it is a simple chariot, albeit not in the usual way. The most daring artists made naïve literal descriptions of the chariot, leaving the public to figure out the rest. In most artistic representations, angel wings appear as part of the wheels or attached to the living creatures governing them.

    If the chariot is an entity of sorts biological humans can speak about, it must have some traits relatable to the physical phenomena studied by science. Based on this assumption, it seems plausible to relate elementary particle precursors—like the polygonal developments outpouring from the 1 at the source in the 4 planes at, xy, yz, and zx—to the work of the chariot of the glory of God.
arcane truths on angel wings

For those wanting to further their imagination to visualize the 4 wheels of the chariot as a precursor of elementary particles, the following slide may be of some help. The idea is to take advantage of the fact that the 10 triads of the atxyz manifold might be considered separately. Three of these are shown below.

arcane truths on angel wings

The complete visualization exercise of a 5D sphere would encompass 10 similar stacks of concentric 3D spheres, one for each of the 10 triads in the atxyz manifold. At this point, it would be convenient to recall the 10 spheres of the Farabian and Avicenian cosmogonies, the last of which is the sublunary world we identify with xyz.

arcane truths on angel wings

In its entirety, the domain of creation has 9 independent triads where angelic creatures thrive. These triads envelop the lower triad xyz, the home of the biological human being. The topic of angelology is vast and complex and is addressed briefly toward the end of this essay.

   In his effort to describe the 4 wheels of the chariot, Ezekiel adds that they are full of eyes. These eyes are usually associated with the omnipresent eyes of providence overseeing everything we locate at the polygonal vertices where the source might transcribe.
arcane truths on angel wings

The angel wings of the living beings governing the wheels correspond to the developments in the ancillary planes ai, ti, xi, yi, and zi already introduced in slide 7 of the essay on number 7.

    These planes are complex in the mathematical sense. The complex plane first proposed by C. Wessel offers the most appropriate way to generate real-valued waves (periodical functions like the periodicity of angel wings) with the counter-rotations of angel wings. The numbers in each of the real-valued axes like t, x, y, and z follow the multiplication table of real numbers in a mathematical sense. The imaginary axis i has its multiplication table, which is different from the real one.
    The wheel of the plane xy, for example, has 2 pairs of angel wings, one for each of the 2 independent directions along which the transcription of the source might occur. These 2 pairs of angel wings develop in the Wessel planes xi and yi. One of the wings in each of the pairs corresponds to the rotation and the other to the counter-rotation.
arcane truths on angel wings

The angel wings setup seems a bit involved, but fortunately, there is room to simplify the issue. This is because transcriptions of sources in the xyz triad occur in only one direction as Isaiah 6:2 remarks—mentioned in slide 6 of the essay on cubic shrines.

arcane truths on angel wings

Ezekiel mentions two rotational phenomena (representable by periodic functions), one associated with counter-rotating wheels and the other with counter-rotating angel wings. In principle, the counter-rotating wheels of the chariot of the glory of God refer to zero spins of entangled particle precursors on the global scale. Due to some extraordinary events fully developed in several chapters of the book Fundamentals of the Creation, the rotations and counter-rotations related to spin appear spatially dislocated locally to us.

    The wheel of the plane xy, for example, has two pairs of angel wings, one for each of the two independent directions along which the transcription of the source might occur. These two pairs of angel wings develop in the ancillary planes xi and yi. One of the wings in each of the pairs corresponds to the rotation and the other to the counter-rotation.
arcane truths on angel wings

Geometry of the Wings for the Lay Reader

To fully understand angel wing phenomenologies, it is essential to recall the polygonal expansions in one of the ancillary planes, for example, the plane xi. All polygons have the same chance to host the source in the event of its transcription. But each of the vertices has a reduced possibility depending on the order of the polygon. For example, for a hexagon, the chance of each vertex is 1/6 and for a polygon of n order is 1/n. It is essential to keep in mind that in the ancillary planes, what we have, so to speak, are rotations of reduced possibilities, the 1/n.

arcane truths on angel wings

Now, let’s consider a Wessel diagram of the primordial hexagon and the rotation of one of its 6 vertices by an angle α. The rotation amount from origin to destination (namely, the value of α) depends on two variables, the rapidity of rotation (angular velocity) and the distance between the departure and final destination. The way to quantify their compounded effect is by multiplying both. In this way, angel wings account for the displacement phenomena.

arcane truths on angel wings

Mathematics of the Wings for the Lay Reader (video)

A naïve deduction of the general solution to the E. Schrödinger wave equation is possible by introducing a couple of simple mnemonic rules. Add in the radial direction and multiply angularly. The result is simple: 1 for the source + 1/6 for the point significance multiplied by the angle pxx—rapidity value px multiplied by distance x. Then multiply the results of each of the angularly located vertices.

arcane truths on angel wings

Applying the rule to a polygon of order n leads to Euler’s formula limit definition.  In the case of direction t (time), the parameter pt is the wave frequency, which is a measure of the energy (in a strictly physical sense, higher frequency means a more energetic wave) with which the transcription goes. In spatial direction x, px is called wave number, is a measure of momentum in that direction. These physical quantities characterize the dynamic phenomenologies of angel wings.

arcane truths on angel wings

Euler’s formula has a real-valued part and an imaginary one, as seen from the Wessel diagram. For symmetric counter-rotations, the real-valued part adds up while the imaginary ones cancel one another. Therefore, the dynamics of angel wings in physics are real-valued phenomena. The remaining detail lay readers should take for granted is that in space-time four-vectors, time has a different sign to space according to H. Minkowski’s metric signature (- + + +).

arcane truths on angel wings

In the Hebrew Bible, there are some differences in the descriptions of angel wings. For example, according to Ezekiel 1:18: “Each creature had two pairs of outstretched wings, two touched the wing of another, while two covered their bodies.” The interpretation given here is that all the creatures of Creation share i axis where one of the wings of each pair develops. The other wing of each pair evolves in any of the independent directions of the atxyz manifold.

    For Isaiah, instead, the emphasis describing angel wings is that their use is for flying, as any known creature having those does. Flying creatures flap with an up-and-down motion drawing a wave along their displacement, as if their wings were counter-rotating alternatively in both senses. 
arcane truths on angel wings

To put the role of angel wings in context, consider the transcription of a source from its current location at its origin the day before the masculine component decides. Then, transcription begins at the instant of the decision, and the flight commences toward the selected destination with the mediating agency of the wings. Once the source is at its final destination, a new 6-day creation starts anew.

    The next video intends to elicit the reader’s imagination on the complex issue of sources (1) transcriptions. The video commences with the precursor of an elementary particle fully realized (only the spatial components shown), surrounded by its already deployed field of infinite possible destinations and paths (the grey surrounding area). Also shown is the destination selected by the masculine component (d) and the dominant path (highlighted as a vanishing pilot wave) resulting from the interference of the infinite possible paths. However, the development shown needs determination in time by the Holy Spirit and realization in perpetuity by the Anointed One.
    The rotations (black spots) and counter-rotations (grey spots) in the corresponding ancillary plane appear as a single clock. The train of 7 cycles matches the 6-day creation plus the day God rests. The reader should consider the sidereal representations of these seven cycles/days in the lunar week of our calendars. The wavy object evolving is the probability amplitude Ψ, not to be confused with field waves generated by oscillating sources. (The video shows causal relationships among nonscaled parts).

Concerning the path followed by the source, it is often wrongly thought that it is only a straight line. But it may go down any path, and so it does. However, the possibilities of going along paths close to the straight line have similar rotational significances (probability amplitudes), which are additively dominant. As the possible paths go away from the straight one, they become longer and their rotational significances begin interfering destructively with one another. Interferences occur because of the alternating positive and negative values of rotational significances. This also holds for the transcription of the source of paired opposites (alchemical water/light particles called photons).

   Short-distance transcriptions, like the one shown in the previous slide, may be convenient for illustrative purposes but are extremely unlikely due to their high energy requirements.

Systematic Angelology

This site is dedicated mainly to the human archetype and to some of the entities closely related to it. Angels are among those deserving of some consideration despite the lack of detailed information on their nature in the Sacred Scriptures. Our approach will be a systematic one based on the accounts of some reputed sources. In general, Scriptures refer to angels in regard to their duties and deeds with scant references to their hierarchical position. The cornerstone of our systematic angelology is given by “The Originator” surah of the Koran: “Praise be to Allah, Originator of the heavens and the earth, Who makes angels, messengers with wings two, or three, or four pairs.”

   According to previous statements, each direction has a pair of counter-rotating wings in its ancillary plane. The simplest structure is a plane with 2 of them. Therefore, the Koran does not mention angels with a single pair of wings. The angels with 3 or 4 pairs of wings are creatures deployed in triads and tetrads (3 and 4 independent directions). We assume that angels do not dwell exclusively within the lower triad xyz or any of its 3 planes (xy, yz, and zx). Within the atxyz manifold we then have 5 tetrads where angels dwell atxy, atyz, atzx, axyz, and txyz, 9 triads atx, aty, atz, axy, ayz, azx, txy, tyz, and tzx, and finally 7 planes at, ax, ay, az, tx, ty, and tz. When acting in conjunction, angels can emulate reality within xyz.
   Sacred Scriptures and traditions hint that angels' substances are light or fire. Here, we assume that angels are made of non-dislocated fire (pristine refraction of the originating light), while their fallen brethren are of spatially dislocated fire, as shown on slide 16 in the essay on Alchemy—mind also for both their anti-formulations.
    Early thinkers from the church dedicated a great deal of effort to extracting from the Sacred Scriptures some indications about the nature and importance of angels. An unknown author called Pseudo-Dionysius (400 … 600 AD), in his work, On the Celestial Hierarchy, was one of the first to propose a scheme accepted to date. Among the latest reputed theologians to offer a comprehensive comment on Dionysius's proposal was Thomas Aquinas in his Summa Theologiae Part I Question 108.
   The following slide attempts to match Dionysius's hierarchy of angels with some sub-manifolds encompassed by the 6 independent directions of God's Creation. Since the proposal comes from Religion 3 and third, Christianism, and features 3 orders, each having 3 categories of angels, we will match them with 9 of the 10 triads in the atxyz manifold mentioned above. The presence of a or t or both in these triads is related to the affirmation of the Hebrew mysticism, according to which the holiness on high is 3 x 3 (Bahir 127).
arcane truths on angel wings
   Some Hebrew thinkers and mystics like M. Maimonides, M. de Leon, A. of Granada, and E. de Vidas, among others, listed ranks of 10 (10 = 3 + 7) angels with little agreement among them. The 10 sefirot of the Sepher Yetsirah and the 10 intellects of the Farabian and Avicenian cosmogonies do not qualify as angels (M. Maimonides thought they govern the spheres). The 9 worlds of angels enveloping us have nothing to do with the branching multiverse of quantum mechanics.
    The previous slides on angel wings are just but a small sample of what you will find in Fundamentals of the Creation. This book is a must-read for anyone wanting to understand the origins and meanings of the mysteries and symbols of religion and esotericism.
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