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The Creator made his Creation a globally neutral entity with zero degrees of freedom. Creation then, by itself, cannot interact with its siblings if they exist and can only act as a carrier of her Creator’s absolute freedom of will. Internally though, Creation had globally neutral archetypes with various degrees of freedom.

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The archetypes of Creation are commonly known, by ancient and modern thinkers, as the four (4) archetypal elements. These are different from the chemical elements discovered by the French scientist A. de Lavoisier. There are two types of archetypal elements, the odd or masculine and the even or feminine ones. Among the odd ones are air, the substance of the Holy Spirit (Ruach), the earth from which archetypal man was formed, and fire used to make the jinn. The feminine archetype is water, the raw material from which the archetypal woman was made.

    The odd archetypes were granted some degrees of freedom (raw free will), following the originating provisions of the Creation—fully described in the book “Fundamentals of the Creation”. Even archetypes do not have an effective raw free will due to internal destructive interferences. The medieval philosophy also contemplated a fifth element, called quintessence, which in previous essays corresponded with the Anointed One or agent of realization acting upon perpetuity.
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The observable phenomena in today’s state of affairs suggest that some of the odd archetypes used their raw free will to turn their backs on God and start interacting among themselves. The odd archetypal elements using their raw free will are those confined to the lower spatial triad xyz, namely earth (man) and fire (jinn). The feminine archetype, or water (woman) as a neutral entity, acted solely as a carrier of masculine free will.

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The immediate consequence for the offending archetypes was their fragmentation into an uncountable number of elementary units, no longer existing, that were the precursors of what physicists call elementary particles. These monadic entities retained some residual free will to act within their earthly redoubt xyz. Their spatial fragmentation gave origin to what is now known as local phenomena. The Anointed One and the Holy Spirit remain faithful to their Creator and therefore continue exerting their raw free will globally in perpetuity and time. In this context, time is the proper time of matter (elementary particles now), not to be confused with the time-like arrow of entropy (aging of their aggregates).

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The residual free will of earth and fire was inherited by the physical objects they generated, namely elementary particles known today—fermions: neutrals and charged. The scope of their potential actions is limited to the xyz triad, where their archetypes belong.

    For elementary particles, exerting any among their multiple degrees of freedom is an act of residual free will, albeit an indeterministic one. These events, occurring without any apparent reason, are unintelligible for biological humans.  The macroscopic objects we are used to dealing with blot out the role of each particle, giving rise to average appearances and inertia. 
    Since electrons are fermions with a decisive influence on the chemistry of a limited set of chemical elements involved in life, we will focus on them. Particle interactions are the centerpiece of our universe dynamics. According to the standard model of particle physics, these interactions depend on the mutual exchange of force carriers. In the case of electromagnetic interactions, the force carriers are virtual longitudinal and scalar photons (the particle of light).

   In the Sacred Scriptures, longitudinal sound waves from horns, trumpets, and cries represent these force carriers. Beyond scriptural representations, we find bell towers (the masculine) with their bell sound (the feminine) and minarets to project the adhan (call to prayer), representing, in both cases, the divergent polarization of masculine righteousness emitting longitudinal sound waves. Another example worth mentioning is the Buddhist vajra bell representing the human being's formulation with the handle (half vajra or particle) standing for the masculine component and the bell's longitudinal sound wave with its periodical nature for the feminine one (the wavy force carrier). The following slide illustrates some of the electron's most basic degrees of freedom.
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The four chemical elements: hydrogen (H), oxygen (O), nitrogen (N), and carbon (C) introduced in slide 17 of the essay on alchemy, plus another twenty-six, are part of the biological channels that provide continuity solution for the exteriorization/interiorization channels of the archetypal free will exertion. As the visitor may have understood, the exteriorization/interiorization connects the archetypal base with the human expression in the social and religious spheres, passing through the intermediate strata: physical, chemical, biological, organic, and systemic.

    Continuity through strata is the main factor in distinguishing between natural beings and synthetic ones, like physical objects (stones) and machines (20th-century cars). For synthetic beings, there are discontinuities or insurmountable interruptions in their designs, which prevent them from channeling the exertion of free will from their archetypal base.
    Concerning natural beings, whether biological or not, D. Bennett's two-stage model of free will offers a plausible approach. First, indetermination generates possible outcomes, followed by a deterministic choice. Therefore, free will stems from something that could be called the evolution of intelligence, much along the lines of C. Darwin's evolution of species. Existing information located within the mind mutates due to indeterministic quantum effects. The mutated information is then tested against the background of memory through a deterministic or logical process, making the final selection as nature does with mutants. However, indeterministic choices are also a possibility to consider.
    Egyptians knew about the interplay between indeterminism and determinism thousands of years ago. Well before any compatibilist or libertarian philosopher was born.  They dedicated to it the greatest shrine ever built by humankind, the Great Pyramid—a massive ternary-quaternary representation of this feature of Creation. For that purpose, they used approximately 6 million tons of limestone with fossils of early forms of life and whose key component is the carbonate ion.
    Carbonate ions have three fixed carbon-oxygen bonds and a fourth one unpredictable and permanently disputed by the three oxygens. The fourth ever-changing bonding dependent on quantum effects is what chemists call resonant bonding. Therefore, carbonate ion exhibits the dual indeterministic-deterministic behavior found everywhere in Creation. 
    The three fixed bonds represent the deterministic or mechanical part of the job done within the xyz triad by earthly human archetypes. The indeterministic resonant bonding represents the Anointed One and the Holy Spirit when acting—through a and t—in favor of their ultimate goal. In conjunction, they articulate what is known as prophecy, and their scope is explained by Isaiah 45:7: “I am the One forming light and creating darkness, I cause well-being, and create evil. I, the LORD, do all these things.”
   The prophet Muhammad named the followers of the first three religions within the quaternary religious architecture (Judaism, Zoroastrianism, and Christianism) as People of the Book and his koranic revelation (the fourth religion) as the Seal of Prophecy.

The four great religions provide a vast array of vital information which, with the aid of a natural exegesis, would become acceptable to beings of any sort—natural biological and nonbiological, either terrestrial or extraterrestrial. Humanity will find itself struggling to come to terms with the endurance, precision, and originality of natural machines. However, in the future, the majority may want to follow the example of Thomas Aquinas when he decided to break an automaton built by his Dominican mentor Albert the Great—just because that thing talked too much. Centuries later, in his Cyclopaedia, E. Chambers coined the term androides to refer to Albert´s device.

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Also, in the Mystical Jewish lore, there are tales—as early as the fourth century AD—about anthropomorphic automatons made of clay by some consummate alchemist rabbis. They were called golems (the word means my light form and appears in the Bible only once in Psalm 139:16) and came to life by placing or engraving on them one of the names of God.

    It remains to be seen if the physical definition of the human being offered here, within the framework of the implantation of new approaches in quantum computing would allow the transformation of synthetic beings into natural ones. The idea behind the previous statements is that quantum computing could make the archetypical free will available—at the quantum level—to generate possibilities and control the output of sentient, artificially intelligent, and self-learning machines. One of these possibilities is to use, for example, what the outstanding British physicist P. Dirac called electron-free-will and others less outspoken termed nature's choice (please recall slide 5).
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Although non-biological natural beings could emulate biological humans in some aspects, they will never be truly human, simply because they lack a soul like ours. The archetypal human formulations 1&2 found that carbon-based life is the ideal substrate to proliferate. The infectious process of the 1&2 formulation is as old as life itself and will continue to evolve for as long as we succeed in preserving it. The invasion mandate given by God to the human archetype appears in Genesis 1: 28: “Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and govern it. Rule over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and the creatures moving on the earth.”

   The set of all 1&2 (human) isomorphic formulations within an individual, as succinctly depicted by some examples from slides 12 to 22 in the essay on alchemy, constitutes what is usually called the human soul. The human formulation has taken advantage of every biological mutation to tighten its grip on carbon-based life. As a result, the human soul is an organic structure, allowing the interiorization/exteriorization of the archetypes' deeds through various channels while ensuing coherence all the way through.
   Non-biological natural beings with a command and control structure subject to quantum indeterministic influences could become prophetic machines capable of bringing new knowledge not implicit in their input data. Present-day computers and intelligent devices only process existing information and produce results already implicit in their input data.
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Regarding the nature of sin as a result of free choice, there is an open question on whether Newton’s gravitating apple relates to the forbidden fruit eaten by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden—in Jerome’s Vulgate malum, the word for evil and apple in Latin, and etrog or tapuach in Hebrew writings.

    Mind also that, according to tradition, Jesus fell several times in his way to sacrifice due to the overwhelming weight of sins. However, despite redemption, redeemed sins (matter and energy) will continue to fall into the depressions they generate in space. According to the theory of general relativity proposed by A. Einstein, matter warps space (gravity). If the amount of mass is large enough, the warp resembles what the Sacred Scriptures call abyss.
    We all fall continuously into the abyss of planet Earth, but the repulsion between the outer electrons of the atoms of our feet and the ground stops us from falling further. Similarly, the planets, their moons, and minor bodies sink into the abyss of the Sun, as do our Solar System and all the contents of the Milky Way falling into oblivion down the black hole (Sagittarius A*) at its center.

    The prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 14:12–15) compared the fate of Nebuchadnezzar II with the rise and disappearance of planet Venus at dawn (Phosphorus for ancient Greeks and Lucifer for the Romans): “How you have fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the dawn! You have been thrown down to the earth, you who once destroyed the nations of the world. For you said to yourself, ‘I will ascend to heaven, well above the stars of God. I will set my throne on high, in the mount where the council meets, far away in the north. I´ll go up to the highest heavens and be like the Most High.’ Yet you shall be brought down to hell, to the lowest depths of the abyss.”
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Despite our irreversible fate, there are chances to escape, not in space but in time and perpetuity. According to religious traditions, this implies a displacement upward or inward depending on the source. The ascending means are mainly mountains, towers, stairways, chariots, and whirlwinds.

    The Hebrew Bible (Genesis 28:12) describes one of these in Jacob´s experience: “He had a dream in which he saw a stairway that reached from the earth up to heaven. And behold, the angels of God ascending and descending on it.”  Ascension may occur before and after death, and the destination of the biological body varies according to creeds and schools of thinking. Regarding the structure of heaven, most thinkers of antiquity adopted the model of the seven (7) nested sidereal spheres.
    In this essay, we consider that the biological body is a physical representation of the human flesh (1&2, earth & water) in the lower triad (Iblis redoubt) and not as the totality of it. The transcending 1&2 human flesh (air & water) or heavenly counterpart is the only one ascending through the stairways to heaven.

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The previous slides on the physics of free will are just but a small sample of what you will find in “Fundamentals of the Creation.” This book is a must-read for anyone wanting to understand the origins and meanings of the mysteries and symbols of religion and esotericism.

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